About Us


As a Team, we're all about providing a unique experience. Our creation team is made up of individuals from several Asian cultures, who all love food and experimenting. Not only do we have a fresh mix of fusion recipes, we're also offering what seems like unlimited customization. Try one of Charlie's originals or design your own dish. Giving our customers a great dining experience is our goal at the end of the day. Everything from our friendly staff to our newly-designed store fronts are all meant to brighten the Charlie's label. We're always interested in growing our team. If you want to be a part of Charlie's, email us at contact@charlieschopsticks.ca. Franchising is available!


Our ingredients always come fresh from the local farmer's market, and our dishes are prepared with items placed right at the counter. You can see the fusion recipes come together right in front of your eyes. Feeling good after your meal is very important to us. The customization we offer is designed to please foodies of all tastes. You can pick the proteins you like, whether it'd be fish, chicken, pork, beef or even tofu. Then add in the greens of your choice! Try one of our rolls with avocado, mango, or strawberry, just to name a few unique touches.